Public Sector Lists | strategic audience delivery ® PSL brings your campaign to life by delivering the audience you need.

As a provider of public sector and government mailing lists in Canada, we connect you with buyers in the public sector and deliver your message in ways they’ll respond to. 

Whether you’re a government educator, a socially-minded trailblazer, or an IT company executing event attendance initiatives, PSL can support your direct marketing campaign with our database of over 350,000 public sector contacts.


Making ideas happen

Since 2004, PSL has grown to serve tier-1 clients with a focus on government suppliers and trainers in the public sector. We remain committed to the same fundamental standards:

* key audiences: Your seminars and conferences always evolve. So does your audience. Our crucial first step involves discussing your ad copy with you to identify the most strategic buyer profiles that fit your direct mail campaign.

* maximum impact for a modest price: By using powerful relational data tools, we compile your mailing list from a continuously updated masterfile with over 20 fields of differentiation. Because the data is so specific to your campaign, each list will have no greater impact anywhere else.

* secure delivery: We can deliver your mailing list or we can deliver your ad copy for you. Simply choose your format and when you want it delivered.

* unmatched service: PSL’s extensive social media scope keeps us engaged with your company long after your project takes off. We’ll discuss registration and analyze response results with you. We’ll do what we can to ensure you get the most value on your investment with us.


Our Assistance

Utilizing an accurate public sector list is essential for any direct marketing campaign. Visit our Canada page to learn more about how our public sector lists can enhance and open up communication channels with your best prospects. 

For a consulting fee, we also help companies understand how to bid and secure contracts from public sector agencies, how to become registered vendors and how today’s fiscal environment impacts the procurement process. Click on Consultancy for more information.

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