The Mission Creep!

How Leaders Manage


You know, being the leader of any organization can be tough.  The toughest part probably isn’t dealing with the daily fires of bad attitudes, deadlines, payroll, or grievances. The most difficult part in my opinion is having a lot of success over a long period of time.

I know that sounds counterintuitive but let me try to explain.  The way I look at it is that the job of a leader is to recruit, train, equip, enable, and keep everyone focused on the mission.  The last part of that list is the one that gets many leaders as well as myself.

When people are successful it’s easy to take their success for granted. You think that they’ve got a handle on it and can run on auto-pilot without any further guidance.  But a wise man once told me that nothing fails like success.

When you are success for a long…

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