A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Peter Thiel

  1. “Great companies do three things. First, they create value. Second, they are lasting or permanent in a meaningful way. Finally, they capture at least some of the value they create.”   “Mo…

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About SMFootprintManagement

SMFootprintManagement/Founder, Richard E Furlong has forty years of real world experience in Canadian and international business, with the past two decades focused on growing the public sector marketplace in channel, research, marketing and sales of digital government services. “Richard is a person that I trust. I know Richard from 2005. I admire his courage and persistence while growing his business, doing the right things and learning from experience.” July 25, 2008 Zvi Dror, MBA http://www.open-catalyst.com “Richard is the one of the foremost experts at marketing to the governments of Canada and the United States. If you're looking to create lucrative business relationships in the public sector, you'll need Richard's experienced advice.” June 8, 2009 Scott Zosel, President, Zosel & Company "Richard and I have been in numerous discussions since 2008 and it has been a pleasure working with him. Richard always seems to handle his clients with the utmost respect and care to ensure their needs are fullfilled. I would highly recomend working with Richard anytime!" August 13, 2010 Jeff Leether | InfoCanada “I acted as Richard's marketing advisor at the Toronto Business Development Center in 2005 as he was establishing his new enterprise. His passion for the business and dedication to excellence at start-up was very impressive. Richard has worked successfully with many other business owners and has remained steadily focused on growing his market and serving his customer base since that time. I would recommend Richard without hesitation, to anyone involved in selling product and services to the public sector in Canada or the U.S.” January 2, 2012 Suzanne Ross | Business Professor Humber/Guelph University, ON, Canada
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