Opportunities abound for providing Professional Services to the Federal Government

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There is a lot happening these days for qualifying to provide professional services to the Government of Canada. Whether you provide IT services, management consulting services, learning services or other types of services, there is likely a standing offer (SO) or supply arrangement (SA) available to you.

For example, open for bidding right now is:

  • TSPS Solutions-Based Professional Services SA (due: May 28, 2013):This SA includes the same streams of service as the Task-Based SA.  This SA is used when the government is looking for a complete solution from a vendor.  While task-based opportunities typically involve the government specifying the resource category and qualifications, and the effort allocated, solution-based opportunities focus on specifying the problem and the government looks to vendors to propose a complete solution. 
  • ProServices SA (due: June 21, 2013): This SA will be the mandatory procurement tool for most purchases of professional services under $78,500. It includes all the streams in TSPS as well as the streams from the Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) SA for IT Services.  All vendors who provide services related in any way to the categories of service included in the SA should consider pursuing a bid.  It is also important to note that existing TBIPS and TSPS suppliers whose categories will be grandfathered, must still submit a proposal.  For more information see The Proposal Centre’s ProServices Primer http://www.theproposalcentre.ca/wp-blog/2013/04/22/primer-proservices-request-for-supply-arrangement/>. 
  • Learning Services SA and SO (due: June 28, 2013): These are the government’s methods of supply for anything to do with learning services including advisory services, course design, instruction/facilitation, e-learning product programming, quality assurance, multimedia design and development, and project management services. 
  • Temporary Help Services (THS) SA and SO (next deadline – June 28, 2013): This is used to obtain temporary help to fill positions in response to an employee absence, during the staffing process, or as a supplement to an existing group in peak times.  A wide range of types of services are obtained through the SA and SO including professional services (e.g. Finance, Procurement, HR, etc.), technical services, operational services, administrative services and office support. 

This is only a snapshot of what’s out there.  There are SAs for Audit and Support Services (PASS SA, next deadline June 28, 2013) and Solutions-Based Informatics Professional Services (SBIPS, next deadline June 28, 2013).  The TBIPS SA is expected to come out again in July with a due date at the end of September.

With all that’s going on, it can be hard to track everything and decide which methods of supply are right for your company.  Furthermore, once you do decide to go ahead with one (or more) you are faced with reams of documentation to sort through to figure out what is needed in a proposal to be successful, not to mention the time and effort you need to spend putting the proposal together.

If you need help finding the right opportunities or preparing a successful proposal when you do find those opportunities, we encourage you to call Keith Parker at The Proposal Centre.  With 10 years uniquely focused on helping companies succeed on their public sector proposals, he is the expert in winning contracts, standing offers, supply arrangements, and vendors of record.

The Proposal Centre’s structured approach takes care of all the details, and removes much of the mystery and angst of securing government standing offers and supply arrangements.  Please visit the TPC website <link tohttp://www.theproposalcentre.ca> for more on the company including contact information.

Keith Parker

Managing Director

The Proposal Centre
Director, Ottawa Chamber of Commerce
2009 Forty under 40 Recipient, Ottawa Business Journal


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