Are you an IT Services provider with $1.5 Million in sales over the past 3 years? Are you getting your fair share of the government spending pie?

Don’t miss out on lucrative government opportunities. Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) submissions are due March 4th and it is not too late if you act now.

The Government of Canada purchases many of its services through standing offers and supply arrangements. In the area of IT Services the key vehicle is the Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS).  It is the most popular of the mandatory contract vehicles that all companies must have to sell IT Services valued at over $78,500 to Government of Canada departments and agencies.

Have you avoided doing a submission because the process to get onto a Standing Offer or Supply Arrangement can be time-consuming and hard to understand?  Fortunately there is help. The Proposal Centre has been helping small and medium-sized companies get on TBIPS and other contract vehicles for over seven years.  Their structured approach takes care of all the details, and removes much of the mystery and angst of securing government standing offers and supply arrangements.

The Proposal Centre may still be able to help you with your TBIPS response, but you will need to act quickly. They can be reached at or 613-482-0323.

Also, In the next few months several different contract vehicles for the Ontario and Federal governments will be coming up for renewal.  The Proposal Centre can help you select the right ones for your business and help you with your response.  A few to consider include:

  • Government of Ontario Task-Based Information and Information Technology Services Vendor of Record (similar to TBIPS)
  • Government of Canada Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) Task-Based Professional Services Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement (Management Consulting – HR, Change Management/Business Consulting, Evaluation Services, non-IT Project Management)
  • Government of Ontario Management Consulting Services (similar to TSPS above)
  • Government of Canada ProServices Supply Arrangement – All TBIPS and TSPS categories for projects under $78,500 (ProServices will replace PS Online. Note that TBIPS and TSPS suppliers are expected to be “grandfathered” and technically qualify for ProServices.)
  • TBIPS – If you miss your chance to submit a proposal before March 4th, TBIPS will be posted on an ongoing basis starting in July with evaluation of proposals happening every quarter

There is also a range of contract vehicles perpetually open for bidding with the federal government. Contact The Proposal Centre today to see how you can get your share of the government contracting pie.


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